Back to school

I never particularly loved school, but I always looked forward to that start-again September energy. I liked to see my school uniform all ironed, my pencil case filled with shiny new things, my shoes polished ready for the big day. There was something organised and hopeful about the whole thing that gelled with my perfectionist... Continue Reading →

What did we do today?

There's a lovely energy in the air today. Maybe it's the cooler almost-autumn air that feels so good, or perhaps it's because their dad came back after a few days away for work. Whatever the reason, there's a fun buzz about life. In fact, thinking about it, yesterday was very much a cocoon sort of... Continue Reading →

Snippets: five minutes of equations

Here's one of the many reasons I love unschooling. Most children don't naturally associate equations with fun, but this was quite a joyful moment in our sitting room late yesterday evening. E: (to his sister) Hey, do you want to do an equation? C: What's an equation? E: Well, it's more like a puzzle really.... Continue Reading →

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