Self compassion in lockdown times

I started this post about self compassion a while ago and, for some reason, never got round to finishing it. Now feels like a good time. Here we all are trying to hold space for our children whilst also attempting to stay on solid ground ourselves... There can't be a more important life skill for... Continue Reading →

Things I wish I had known

A friend asked me recently what I wish I had known when we began unschooling. It's an interesting question. There were lots of things that I didn't know, and there were others that, intellectually at least, I did know, but didn't quite believe. So, here's my list. All the things I wish I had known,... Continue Reading →

Let them game!

This lockdown sort of caught us between places. We had just rented a house in the UK, and brought over some of our belongings. We were due to travel back to Barcelona in March to get the rest of our things plus our three cats. Obviously that couldn't happen, so we're living a fairly minimalist... Continue Reading →

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