6-week Mindful Parenting Course

Explore a calmer, more connected way to live. Starting April 13th

Mindfulness has been an essential part of my personal journey through parenting and unschooling. I began to practise Zen meditation when my youngest child was born, as a way to find my ground in the busyness of life with three children and a small business. Later, it became a constant source of strength and connection as we navigated parenting and PDA, and letting go of mainstream ideas about what life, parenting and learning should look like. Practising mindfulness has given me the space to respond rather than react, to hold the space compassionately and confidently for my children, and to treat myself with kindness and compassion (rather than beating myself up, which I did for many years). It is the perfect companion to deschooling and I am not sure how I would have fared without the tools it has given me. I became a mindfulness teacher particularly with the intention of sharing these tools with parents who are making the courageous journey of exploring how to parent in a way that understands and embraces their child’s wholeness and, of course, their own.

So, I’m really delighted to be able to offer this six-week, on-line course for other parents on their deschooling journey. Together, we’ll be exploring how practising mindfulness can transform our parenting and our relationships with our children. Wherever you are on your journey right now, the practice of mindfulness and self-compassion will give you the tools to delve deeper, to hold the space more calmly and confidently and to find peace and calm in even the most challenging places. If you find that you struggle to find your ground when your child is dysregulated, this course will help you model self-regulation to your child, creating a new space within which you can stay connected to yourselves and to each other.

These are the some of the topics we’ll be covering:

  • Cultivating awareness – noticing your triggers
  • Unraveling old patterns and fears
  • The transformational power of responding from a calm place
  • Engaging with conflict in a compassionate way
  • Listening to your child with full attention
  • Rediscovering your child and accepting them for who they are
  • Rediscovering yourself and meeting your own needs
  • Modeling a life you believe in
  • Daily mindfulness and self-compassion practices to support you.

The next course begins on Thursday, April 13th. There will be six weekly Zoom sessions of 90 minutes each and, ideally you will also find 20 minutes each day to practise, as well as incorporating the tools into your daily life.

The price for the course is £150 (approx $185).

You can find more details about the course and how to reserve your place here

Please contact me at contact@esther-jones.com if you have any questions at all.

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