Here are some resources that I’ve found helpful and inspiring.

John Holt was an educator in New York city, who coined the term ‘unschooling’. He wrote several books on the subject, based on his own years of observation of children in and out of school settings. These include How Children Fail (1964), How Children Learn (1967) and Learning All the Time (1989).
This site is dedicated to Holt’s work and includes the entire archive of the newsletter Holt founded, Growing Without Schooling, as well as writings by Holt’s long-time colleague, Patrick Farenga.

Sandra Dodd is a former teacher who unschooled her three children. She is a strong advocate for unschooling and her blog has tons of information for anyone looking to take this path or who is already on it.

Pam Laricchia is an unschooling advocate who hosts a weekly podcast and has written several books on unschooling. Her website has some insightful posts addressing many of the most common fears and issues that parents are likely to come across.

Suitable Education is an interesting resource for anyone looking into self-directed education. It is UK-based and has a wide collection of articles, evidence-based research and personal stories about alternative education.

Idzie Desmarai is a young woman from Quebec who was unschooled. She writes about unschooling and her own experiences at

Peter Gray is a research professor at Boston College. He writes a blog entitled Freedom to Learn for Psychology Today, which explores many facets of learning, in particular the purpose of play.

The Alliance for Self-Directed Education is a US-based organisation. Their website has articles and resources about unschooling and self-directed learning centres.

Raising Free People Network
The Raising Free People Network was founded by unschooling mother, speaker and author, Akilah Richards. Akilah is passionate about conscious parenting and how unschooling is a tool of liberation and healing, in particular for Black and indigenous and people of colour communities. On this website you can find details of her work, including her TedTalk and her book, Raising Free People.

Carol Black
Carol Black is a documentary filmmaker, writer and unschooling mother. She writes eloquently on learning and children.

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