Why I stopped singing (and started again)

Something that keeps coming up with my podcast guests is the unexpected healing power of unschooling. Many parents talk of how it has helped to heal their wounds with their children, from earlier more pressured times. But equally, and almost without exception, these parents have spoken of their own healing. By accepting their children just... Continue Reading →

When perfect days go wrong

Thursday morning began gloriously. The weather was beautiful and, for the first time in a couple of weeks, there were no activities to drive anyone to. The day's plan amounted to baking bread then, after lunch, picking up Belle, the dog we walk, and heading with her to the beach for a swim. I got... Continue Reading →

Why I like the path of least resistance

I realised, when my oldest son was just a baby, that following his rhythm was infinitely easier than attempting to impose anything of my own. It felt right and it also felt just a bit lazy. Occasionally, I would try for something a little more orderly, influenced perhaps by all the people I knew whose... Continue Reading →

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