When adults don’t measure the learning…

Something I've noticed over the years is that even when other adults can appreciate the depth of a self-directed child's learning, they can rarely hold back their questions about how the child will turn this learning into something demonstrable, i.e. an exam score or a job. It is extremely hard for them to separate the... Continue Reading →

Unschooling and living happily with screens

It seems like a lot of parenting fears around screens come from the idea that there is ‘real, meaningful life’ and then there are screens, which somehow lure children away from their real, meaningful lives. ‘Screen time’ has become equated with wasted time, no matter what the activity is that’s actually taking place, and all... Continue Reading →

6-week Mindful Parenting Course

Explore a calmer, more connected way to live. Starting April 13th Mindfulness has been an essential part of my personal journey through parenting and unschooling. I began to practise Zen meditation when my youngest child was born, as a way to find my ground in the busyness of life with three children and a small... Continue Reading →

Here’s to our non-compliant children!

Our society celebrates compliant children. Every parent knows this, particularly if their own child doesn't rate compliance highly (and I speak from experience). Despite their best efforts, these parents are likely to have felt the critical gaze of people who thought their child was being disrespectful or "naughty". Even the most generous among us can... Continue Reading →

It’s all making sense now

My oldest son, who is 17, is considering his different options in life right now, in terms of studying and work. In a way, it's tricky—he has so many diverse interests that the idea of studying or working in one specific area feels limiting. What would happen to all the other things that feel so... Continue Reading →

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