What did we do today?

Well, so far we're doing pretty well during lockdown. Everyone is missing aspects of normal life, but there are some entertaining new activities. The groups the children had joined are now online, so they're still connected with the people and things that matter to them. There are also whole-family Zoom calls, and a lovely Whatsapp group... Continue Reading →

Time to be, not time to do

As we all hunker down in our homes, almost certainly with some fear and anxiety about our personal situations and the world around us, parenting has become a very different proposition from just a few weeks ago. For millions of people, alongside the health and financial worries is the sudden reality of being together all... Continue Reading →

Real world learning

Nothing beats real life as learning territory. Not only is it filled with infinite possibilities, but it is inherently meaningful; we engage willingly with the things that matter to us in life. Most adults can identify with this. If I think back to the last few months and the odd assortment of knowledge and skills... Continue Reading →

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