Deschooling the parents

When a child leaves a traditional school environment to begin unschooling, the adjustment period is generally referred to as ‘deschooling’. It’s a time when, free from external expectations and pressure, they can rediscover their natural rhythms and who they are when no one expects them to be anything in particular. I keep coming across a… Continue Reading →

Why I stopped singing (and started again)

Something that keeps coming up with my podcast guests is the unexpected healing power of unschooling. Many parents talk of how it has helped to heal their wounds with their children, from earlier more pressured times. But equally, and almost without exception, these parents have spoken of their own healing. By accepting their children just… Continue Reading →

Measuring the unmeasurable: a day of unschooled learning

There is a lot of discussion right now about the power that local authorities in the UK have to ascertain whether children who are not educated in school are, in their opinion, receiving a “suitable education”. Around the world, this is something that many unschooling families find themselves navigating—the pressure or legal requirement to show… Continue Reading →

But if you don’t do well at school…

An understandable fear people have about their children leaving formal education is that if they don’t do well at school, they won’t go far in life. Since school is really the only model that we all know well, and the model that the vast majority of us and our children pass through in order to… Continue Reading →


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Hi, I’m Esther Jones, writer, editor, speaker, childbirth educator, and lifelong learner. Welcome to A Place on a Hill, where I share my thoughts and observations about life and learning with my three children, D (15), E (13) and C (8).

For many years, I ran a small publishing company that I founded in Barcelona, Spain. When that came to an end in 2018, we spent two years living in an old house in the hills near Barcelona. There, after years of just dipping our toes in, we finally embraced unschooling and consensual living in all its glory. Since then, my life has been a continual unravelling of everything I had ever taken for granted about children, learning, parenting and myself. This process is sometimes challenging, but always thought-provoking and enriching.

We’re now back in the UK, and enjoying the next part of our journey. I teach Hypnobirthing, enjoy sea swimming, Zen meditation, poetry, bright ideas and feeling inspired.


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